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cannot scan 'my pictures'
firstly, thank you for a handy little app...but...I'm having a problem trying to add a directory. I cannot select 'my pictures' as a folder (i dont know why) , but I can select the parent folder - My documents. The problem is I get the following message :

** Access Error: Cannot open /C/Users/Raj/Documents/My Music/
** Where: recursive-read
** Near: foreach File read Directory/:Subdirectory [
append Files Subdirectory/:File
** Press enter to quit...

So firstly why cant I select 'my pictures' folder - and secondly, what's the issue with my music? (I'm not trying to open my music as a folder, rather its scanned because I can only select its parent)

thanks for your help - I have a lot of photos to rename!
I really don't know any good reasons for you not being able to open "my pictures" folder.
What Windows version are you using?

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