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Command Line functionality
I've compared the ease of use and functionality of your program my many other EXIF data based file renamers and because of the speed to use your program I have chosen it as my preferred.

One thing that I have been unable to find (other than a Perl library and batch file scripting) is a command line based execution for renaming process.

I'd like to be able to have the renamer execute on a specified file from the command line. I am unaware if your program supports this currently (I believe it does not.)

This would be a great addition to the program and make my usage all that much easier.

Can I recommend that if you decide to enable this type of functionality that you do it in a similar fashion to this product:

It may be necessary to have a command line flag that triggers the process to run as a command line (no window) execution.

Btw: what language is the program written in?
Hi Kalstream,
Thanks for your feedback.
Namexif is not a command line based application as of today.
We use REBOL language.
Hi GreG,
Would it be possible to set the initial directory (for Add Directory) to the current working directory? Failing that, would it be possible to open to the last directory as that is a better starting point than /User/.../Documents? This would be similar to how Add Files works.

BTW, REBOL is a great language.


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