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how print new data visibly into picture?
For a large Foto Archive (7.000) I have in mind to classify by date and sort into folders, however a small sized select-by-image directory would be necessary with names readable in image. Name generation from EXIF seems clear so far, but: How can I print, in automatic process, the new filename into each image? The fotos are all hi volume, hence the steps could be: make a SAV copy of all, create new filenames, again safecopy whole new system, print names into the images of the copied system (large size characters), reduce volumes (IrfanView), sort into structured folder array. IrfanView has something but only with two Font sizes which will not work with hi volume pictures.

Any ideas? Hints?
Thanks a lot!
Hi didiGo,
Well, I've ideas but it involves some programming and so on. i don't have a ready made solution for your need!
Thanks for asking anyway,

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