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Tripod enquiry?

I have just joined the group and have a query regarding Tripods / Macro Photography.

Most of my photography in the past has been Landscapes and Buildings / Architecture. I have however, just bought some used Macro equipment (e.g. 50mm and 90 mm lenses, Macro slide rail and a Starblitz Macro ring flashgun).

I currently have a good quality bilura tripod, which is ideal for general purpose use (e.g. Landscapes / Buildings).

When I attempted to take pictures of plants using my macro equipment the bilura tripod would not allow me to get low enough or close enough to the plant life to get the viewpoint I wanted.

Can anyone who has experiance in (outdoor) macro photography suggest any tripods?

I don't particularly do pictures of plants but I asked one of my friend who do that frequently.
Basically, he has the same problem! He can't get as closed to the plant as he would like.
He uses a Slick, but the best thing to do is probably to try some in a store! (Let us know what you find out!)

I also found an interesting website, they mention about the Benbo tripod:

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