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Namexif 1.5: Sequential Numbers instead of Time?
I LOVE this program! I have one suggestion that would make it PERFECT for me. The name is SO long with the addition of HH.MM.SS. I would LOVE for it to just add _(1) and _(2) and _(3), AFTER I add a prefix. Example: 2009-6-7_Bandit_(1), 2009-6-7_Bandit_(2)etc.
Also, does anyone know why windows recognizes a "space" vs an "_" vs a "." vs a "-" differently? I had previously worked on renaming thousands of scanned in photos and didn't realize that sometimes I was using a space, sometimes an underscore, sometimes a period and sometimes a dash. Now when I sort by name, they are mixed up.
Again a good suggestion for Namexif that will be taken into account for the next release (can't tell when for now).
Yes, Windows doesn't consider space or underscore the same when you sort alphabetically. They are different characters and as far as I know there's no option to make it behave differently.
Thanks for your feedback,
Cool. I'm looking at my post and even in that I used a dash and an underscore! Whichever is used, I meant for it all to be uniform but with the addition of (1), (2), etc in the order the pics were taken. Also, it would be great if you had an email list that would update us when new posts are added or when an update comes out because if this suggestion is added in the future, I would not want to miss it. THANKS!

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