Digital Camera Software
Not working
after upload i cannot access file in browser. It does nothing. I double click on folder but nothing happens.
Where is it uploaded? Did you check your home gallery?
Please give more details, I don't really get what's your issue.
Hi Greg, I uploaded my images and saved them as I always do to a new album. The album is present but when I double click on the album it will not open, they used to open to a web browser. I can't even preview in a browser. I tried redownloading http but that did not work either. I tried a different compouter and downloaded http. I logged in and the album is in the list but when I click on it nothing happens. I cannot open the album on any computer. I have several albums and none will open.
If it is albums created on your account, then I can access it and open it without any issues. Can you try by entering the URL in the browser?
When you click on an album from HTTPhotos in order to get it opened in a web browser, all HTTPhotos does is to launch the default web browser with URL linking to this album. It could not work if something independant from HTTPhotos prevents the web browser to be launched.

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