Digital Camera Software
Hi there, I wanted to tank you for this simple to use and yet so powerful software that you develop.
I have tried to rename all my pictures on a HD that had also shares over my Network. It worked well for about 2 mins when suddenly my ram usage for this App increases from 40MB to 350MB and no further File was renamed it block/freezes on an certain pic of my son. So i hitted cancel and renamed the File manually and started over.... but no matter what, it always slows down my system and freezes. I have tried to remove re-install but without success. Any suggestions?
From what i have seen on this Forum you provide also a great Support, keep up the good work and thanks from my behalf.
Thanks for your feedback
That's the first time I hear about such an issue.
Did you try to reduce the scope of files to rename?

Also, while it renames, Namexif shows what file is being renamed, can you figure what is the last file renamed and possibly what is the current file it is trying to rename?
If there is a problem because of one file then it would be useful that you send it to me.

You can leave me your email at contact us section.

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