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Need adjustable color for arrow
Ronnie with a V3-Sep-2009/5:54:27+2:00
My early experience with httphotos has been good; however, when using the SimpleViewer template, I can't see the arrow that reveals more thumbnails. Only 9 thumbnails are visible at a time, and the white "forward" arrow to reveal more thumbnails will remain white regardless of background and text color. Therefore, I'm forced to have a colored or black background to be able to see the arrow. Otherwise, visitors will not realize the gallery has more than 9 photos. I feel the arrow should be modified by whatever color is chosen for the text. Only then will I be able to comfortably use a white background.
Understood, I face the same issue once and already thought about fixing it in a next version.
Thanks for the feedback, always deeply appreciated.
Ronnie with a V4-Sep-2009/19:50:34+2:00
Thank you for the reply, GreG. After making a photo album, I noticed the arrow GIF file in my folder. I'm thinking I might replace that with my own graphic and see it that shows up fine.

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