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HTTPhotos: Several questions
Dear Greg!
Several months ago I firstly used your program. I did not find another (better) Programm for my work. But nowadays I cannot well work with ist.
I would like to modify the text of headline. How can I do? I found no button or so.
I need to make text-descriptions to each pichture, underlining text about 3 lines. How can I do I did not find any button to do this.
Later I would be glad to get 5 little images on every row.
later I woul be glad if I could choose the degree of miniaturising the pictures for great format. Now 7 MB will be scrumpelled to 15 KB the pictures get very bad, but could stay in higher, better resolution!

Could you please send me your answers for no 1 and 2 very soon?
What fee would be to be payed for reprogramming for 4, 5 or 6 pictures on every line?
What fee would be to be payed for reprogramming the miniaturising-factor?

I'll try to bukd very many galeries for my site There are about 50000 pictures to be prepared in several galeries. And if I should work out each galerie like
>>> WWW.KIRCHBERG-NORDHESSEN.DE/bilderfolgen/2001-05-11 Hochwasser
It would take time more than 5 minutes for each picture: I would be aged 100 years, if work will be done.

Best regards from Markwart.
Hi, Markwart! I am also interested in your question. Previously i've used NAMEXIF for small jobs on windows machine but now i migrating to mac. Tryin to use Lightroom for such purposes but it takes a lot of time: i need few passes of exporting photos with needed parameters.

I can't reach your gallery by provided link but I think that you need to speak to webmaster of your site or front-end programmer, i know that they have some scripts to automate the process of minifying photos for web galleries. Also you can consider special tools for web galleries, i mean wordpress plugins and so on. But i think your site is some custom solution nor wordpress or any CMS.

Any way i might suggest that you will find useful resourse
they have a lot of materials in their blog like it will be handy to you when applying many manipulations to the photos that shooted in the same time and environment and so on.

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