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Larger Photo Size
Hi there Greg,

Several people have commented to me that the format for photo albums in Simple Viewer is great, very elegant, but that the one problem is the size of the photos is a bit too small.

Currently there is small, medium and large options, but even in the large option, the photo fills only about half the screen size on larger screens.

Is it possible that in the future there might be an extra large option that would fill most of the background area?

thank you!
Thanks for your feedback. Next update is about templates and offering options for full screen display.

Any estimate on the timing?

thank you

Hi there Greg,

I am not sure if you are still working on this, but if you are, I am wondering if you had any plans for a new release that had options for full screen display as you mentioned a while back.

Hope you are well

thank you

Hi Chris,

I did spend a lot of time on new templates, including full screen and bigger size.
Unfortunately this work was not released and I now have plan to get things updated to a new version.

Thanks for your patience!

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