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Feature request: Run from right-click on folder
Hi, this utility is fantastic! I've just sent a first donation with more to follow.

I'm currently using it in Philippines to keep the photos of my fiancee, her family, and me in perfect chronological order right from the start, rather than trying to deal with a mountain of unsorted photos upon returning to USA and trying to remember what happened in the AM and PM each day. For years, I've been dealing with the dreaded AM and PM that ACDSee 9 insists on sticking on my photos when reading the EXIF data (and I'm looking into other forum members' suggestions of using Irfanview and Bulk Rename Utility in addition to Namexif).

Any possibility that you could add right-click functionality in a future version; that is, right-click on a folder of photos and select to Rename with Namexif? Alternatively, could there be support for folder drag-and-drop into Namexif? The first option is preferable in my opinion, as it would allow the user to remain focused on his or her photos without switching mental gears to open a program.

A few other suggestions for minor improvements:

- Ability to select separator between YMDHMS, such as dash, dot, space, or a custom combination, and to include or leave out the h, m, s after HH, MM, SS.

- An option for full compliance with ISO 8601 format with UTC offset.

- YYYY-MM-DD-HHh-MMm-SSs <----- Note the s after SS, currently missing in version 1.6.

- Ability to put a separator before the original name when you select to add the original name at the end. For example, instead of seeing 2014-03-31-23h24m36IMG_0001, you would see 2014-03-30-23h24m36s-IMG_0001. As a workaround, I've been using Bulk Rename Utility to replace IMG with s-IMG before renaming with Namexif.

- Ability to rename video files *somehow*? I understand they don't have EXIF data but perhaps as others have suggested, you could add the ability to rename based on file creation date or some other means?

Best regards,
Erik Maher.
Thanks a lot for this detailed feedback and your donation is also greatly appreciated.
I'll first focus on renaming options since many people ask for more flexibility here.
Regarding UTC offset, it is not something I can extract from the photo, it should be something you enter manually.
I'm also considering extending supported file format, not only JPEG but also RAWs format and I need to check video formats as well.
Finally, the right click capability and/or drag and drop is also something I need to investigate.
In a few days, I should update Namexif with flexible renaming options.
Thank you,

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