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Few more questions
Hi GreG,
a few more questions for you, first is it possible to be able to organize the way the galleries show on the home page ( certain order)? I tried uploading in different orders and I tried different names / numbers.

Next, when in any of the galleries, is it possible to have a back button… or just something more obvious to get back to the main page.

And finally, is it possible to be able to adjust (increase) the font size for the image captions.
Also I tried changing the date to try and order the galleries.

Also where can I change the background color on the homepage?
The only way to reorder the homepage list is by using date. It is list in chronological order, so you can just edit the date as a by-pass.
To change the background color of homepage, click on the palette icon (below create account). From here, you can customize the homepage. Click Background and set a color there. Then save.
Hi GreG,

Thanks again for the reply.

For adjusting the homepage order of galleries, I have tried changing the day, month and even years.. but to no avail. Any ideas what the problem could be? I don't know how many times I've generate my galleries, and nothing i've tried seems to work.

The background color I was referring to is the same page as above. The one where all the galleries are together, and is only black. I did try to add a style the the iframe.. but discovered that iframes don't recognize style settings in html5.

The back button idea was just for the users with less computer savvy that most, i.e. older generation.
Re-ordering should just work with days. Weird. You don't have to regenerate the galleries: just click over the album name, mouse over the date of the album, it should highlight red, then click to change the date. That's it. And the whole gallery should be re-ordered accordingly.
Hi, hmmm not sure what changed but now all is fine. Thanks.

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