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I was a user of this software 3 years before and today, when I wanted to use it again, I updated the version. Thank you for this great update ! Unfortunately, we lost the original gallery with only one picture on the visual. In that configuration, I was able to have more text than in this one (where the text is oversized and then cut).

As a consequence... despite the new functions of the 4.2 version, would it be possible to have the previous version back for my project?

I'm really sorry !
Hello Aurelie,

The new version will also provide the single picture option but as you have experienced, it is not yet available.
With this big change involving replacement of all templates, it was expected that some people would miss the earlier version.
No worry, you can still get it:

Thanks a lot for your feedback, and please visit here later to check if your template is back!

Oh thank you so much !

I wish you all the best for the future !


With version 4.4 you will be able to get a photo gallery with only one picture.

Please give feedback!

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