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Namexif -> missing options
I'm really happy with this little piece of code and I used it several times and it worked fine.

Here are just some things, which would make users like me even more happy...

1.) The renaming procedure should have, despite the existing options, a flexible/manual field, which allows to set the format individually (f.e. -> YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS or something else, like probably in excel when you want to have your own date&time format).

2.) When the option 'Add original name at the end' and 'Add name(suffix)' will be used at the same time, than the renamed file will look for example like this -> '20130101123522DSCF0000.JPG TEST.jpg' - this means, that not only the original name will be kept, but also the file extension - so the file extension is somehow doubled

3.) Would also be nice, if 'Namexif' would be able to remember the path where I've renamed the fotos the last time.
sorry - forget to mention:

4.) any chance to also rename video files automatically?

(the date should be extracted for example from 'Date created' as there is no 'Date taken')
forget 3.) this was the status with the version 1.5, with 1.6 the last folder will be remembered - it's fine!
These are all good points and many people asked for a way to customize the renaming, this is definitely something I want to provide in the next version.
For videos, this another point to address but maybe not in the next version.
It's good to see that you found that (3) was already delivered

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