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Namexif 1.4
Wow and thrice wow, I found this little gem purely by chance, I had just bought a terabyte hard drive to store my backlog of photos on CD`s, DVD`s and from files all over my computer. That would mean that I had to get round to naming and date stamping them and the files they were in. So I copied 12640 photos into Namexif 1.4 checked a couple of boxes and 5 mins later, finished. Thank you.

1 small problem is that I can`t get it to permanantly download on to my system, so I download it each time I want to use it, but that1s no hardship for what it does.
Hi shootist!
Thanks a lot for your support
You should not have to download it each time, this is really weird.
Namexif 1.4 comes without an installation process, but what you should do is copy the .exe on your desktop, and then just click it when you need it, that's it!

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