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Namexif : Brilliant but I've 3 begs...
Firstly I have to say that this is a brilliantly usefull tool that I've used for years. I now keep a copy of the exe in the root of all my SD cards as a run before copy tool.

I do have three begs though...

1. I have since first using it wished that were command line options that could be put in the shorcut properties or used in a dos batch file so I could just complete my task with a simple double click

2. I have always wished you would use the standard windows file selection dialog and cannot help but wonder why you dont as it is already there and available you just need to call it up.

3. This is new following v1.6...
The new multi shot naming is much better than the dashes but the first shot (without the -x extension) is listed after the additional ones. I fix this by adding a -0 to the end of thess pics but an option to name all pics with a -x suffix would save me a massive amount of time (sports photography). So, could you please consider adding a checkbox option to end all pics with a -x suffix so single and first pics end with -0 automatically.

Thanks for a continually useful tool and I will donate
Thanks a lot for those valuable feedback,

1. Something to consider, you would like it to use the settings as set interactively?

2. There's a good reason for that, I just can't call the windows file selection dialog but with some additional work that's something I'd like to do as well.

3. I'm glad you appreciate the new multi shot naming, I will also check at your suggestion to make it more convenient.

Thanks again!
How much of a donation will it take to get the command line version out the door? I have hundreds of folders of photos I'd like to rename...

Hi Robert,
Let me make the command line version first and then I will welcome your donation.
Will do my best for soon.

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