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Larger Photo Size for Simple Viewer
The "Simple Viewer" is a great way to show photos.

The problem is the size of the photos displayed is somewhat small.

Is there a way to increase the physical size of the photo, as well as choose a higher resolution (to avoid quality loss with larger photo)?

thank you!

Chris Matera
As of now, you can select "classic" template and select "large" in scale tab. Then select "SimpleViewer" again and create the gallery.
This will make SimpleViewer use "large" photos.
Since I'm working on a new release of HTTPhotos I will investigate more on this.
Hi Greg,

I tried that, the classic setting was on medium, so I changed it to large, and then selected simple viewer again, and re-created the gallery.

It did not seem to change the size.

Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Here are the photos.

Maybe this is as big as they can get for now?

Thanks for all the work you do on this nice software!

Hello Chris,
I checked and I can't find any ways to do it with for now with this template.

This would be a great feature to add in future versions

take care


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