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I guess I don't get it
I have 2000 photos in a directory. I can't get either the "add file" or "add dir" buttons to load them all. The "add file" makes me control click them one by one. The "add dir" gives me a primitive dialog box that won't let me navigate to any photo directory. This seems so basic I don't understand why it doesn't work. I'm using windows 8.
Okay, the first few times I did an "add dir" it came up in "program files" and there was nothing I could do to navigate to the directory I wanted. Then for some reason I clicked on "add dir" again and this time it magically came up in the directory I wanted. It must have had something to do with my playing around with "add file" but I have no clue what. Is there an instruction file around for this program? In particular, I'd like some examples of custom prefixing.
Hi Vick,
About Namexif, all the documentation is there:

All you need to know is that (YYYY) will be replaced with the year, (MM) will be replaced with the month, and so on.
So you are free to add a prefix, a suffix, or anything else that won't be replaced with a date element, for example:

Hope it helps,

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