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error after dir change

I've changed the location where photos are stored on my computer. After that I cannot open the file. Each time it shows the massege as below:
** Access Error: Cannot open /e/Zdjecia_NEW/
** Near: change-dir last-dir
switch opt [1 [opt5/data: true format: "(YYYY)(MM)(DD)(hh)(mm)(ss)"]
2 [opt2/data: true]
** Press enter to quit...

I cannot do anything, except press "ENTER". I will appreciate any help with that case.

I thought this possible error was fixed in version 1.7, can you please make sure you have the latest version installed?

If yes, then:
1/ click on the "windows start" button
2/ enter: %appdata% <enter>
3/ this should open a folder
4/ select namexif folder and delete it
5/ restart Namexif, it should be ok

Please keep me posted,

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