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Feature Request for Namexif
First, thanks for making such an useful program.
If two or more pictures have the same EXIF date, Namexif adds hyphens(-) to differentiate filenames with same date. This looks like a great idea, and it works great with windows explorer but when i sort the pictures by filename(or even by date) using ACDSee photo manager, the pictures with a hyphen in the end are sorted in front of the pictures with no hyphens. For example, 2008-02-27-18h15m09-.jpg will appear above 2008-02-27-18h15m09.jpg, which is quite annoying. It would be really nice to be able to chose the character that will be added in the end of the filename, in my example 2008-02-27-18h15m09z.jpg will be sorted after 2008-02-27-18h15m09.jpg.
Thanks a lot for your program anyway, and keep up the good work.
Welcome JeanClaude,

I strongly appreciate your feedback, I'm surprised that ACDSee shows hyphens before, that's weird!
I suspect next version of Namexif will allow full flexibility in an advanced mode, so you will be able to rename with a z in the end!

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