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Httphotos lowers quality of photo/jpg-HOW to STOP
Every time I make an album I check out settings to make it not crop or resize or lower the quality of the picture but it does it every time. It lowers the quality of the picture every single time, how do I stop it from doing that?

If I have a 150kb picture it will lower it to between 20 and 50kb and you can see the difference especially with a 300kb photo.

Please help
HTTPhotos makes a lower resolution of your pictures so it can be displayed on a screen. Most digital cameras now are high resolution and the photo resolution as-is is not appropriate for computer screens that have much lower resolution.
Regarding the resolution, you can set scale to high, default being medium.
Regarding the jpg compression, it is set to 75% by default and cannot be changed for now.
Thanks Greg for the reply. Also one more thing, in Simple Viewer you cannot change the scale either so its very limited in terms of how you want the actual photo quality displayed. Hopefully the next update will have more options so im looking forward to it. Good job on the program so far.
Yes next updates will bring more options to work on jpg quality.
Thanks for your feedback

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