Digital Camera Software
movies! and why not?
first of all thanks for the excellent program!
It 'a very useful program!
Now all my photos are sorted!
I wish I could use your program to reorder even movies.
is possible in the next version to have this new opportunity?
It's something we can look forward doing.
Need to check what is feasible technically speaking.
Just adding some info;

The problem with movies is that there is no standard similar to EXIF - in other words they don't have a proper creation date.

I'm using the "ugly hack" of reading the 'file creation date' - [YMDhms]. The drawback of that is that most cameras rarely store the file data the same data as the actual shot was taken. I've noticed they often differ in full hours so the time shift is somewhat easy.
There are a few easy file re-namers out but I'm using Total Commander (old habit).

All my files - pictures and movies - are named [YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.*] and then sorted in sub folders x:\YYYY\MM\DD using custom made scripts.

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