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Album Font Size
I'm the webmaster for a veterans group and I think your product is excellent. For our photo gallery page, I have been creating the albums off-line and embedding the files into my page so our site banner and menu appear at the top of the page. Since there is no way to adjust the font size for the album title, it appears smaller than I would like. On your software-created index page used for your hosting, the font size is good ( ).
But when I embed the files into my page, the font is too small
( )
I have attempted to correct this by using an html editor and increase the font size, but that seems to make the font overlap the cover photo. Would it be possible, in the next update, to have a way to change the font size and the ability to re-position it as to not overlap?
Chuck Scott
Thanks a lot for your feedback! Yes, providing a way to adjust the font size is something that can be added to the next update. Version 4.1 will also add a thumbnails view in order to quickly navigate inside a large album.
Hello GreG,
Thank You for the reply. I eagerly await the 4.1 update. As I have previously said, I think HTTPhoto is an excellent website photo gallery solution and have recommended it to several people already.
Chuck Scott
Hello Chuck,
Be sure to get this functionality in 4.1 and thanks a ton for your recommendations to other people and your donation, this is greatly appreciated.

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