Digital Camera Software
More than 100 photos
Loving this program!

I am just wondering how I can upload more than the maximum of 100 photos? It says to see upgrade options, but I do not know where to go for that.

I found the upgrade option and paid $29 to have 10,000 photos limit, but how long until it takes effect?

I'm still limited to 100 and I logged out and logged back in

Sorry for the little delay for this reply.
Just checked your account and I can confirm it is upgraded to 10,000 photos.
Login/logout should work, if not try to close/open the program.
Make sure to have version 3.1.
I can see you left a message to the contact form, going to reply by email as well.
Thanks for your trust and let's work the problem.
I do apologize for this, the account was not upgraded automatically as expected after your payment.
This is now fixed.
I offer you a free upgrade for another account. You can just let me know the account by email, anytime.
The program is easy to use...but that's about it...I paid the $29 dollars to upgrade, and still am not able to upload more albums.

It's a little concerning that someone had this problem in November, and I'm still having it in February. I really like the product, would be a shame to ruin my experience with this issue. Nobody should have to wait after they've paid their money.
I'm sorry I haven't reacted earlier as I was not available.
I was about to manually set your account as expected but the user name you mentioned is already upgraded since 2013, so what I am missing to fix the problem is your URL.
If you can share this, then I will fix the upgrade issue.
Now, if you prefer to cancel, I'll send you the money back.
Again, I'm sorry something went wrong, the upgrade should have been effective immediately.
I just found that you opened a paypal litige, please know that I send you the refund and this litige is now closed.
As mentioned, please share me your URL so I can fix the upgrade issue anyway, for free.
Thank you,

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