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Dear Sirs
i find your software very nice....only a problem: currently there are 4 columns for the photos: you can have multiple columns (6 - 8) and if possible how can I make this change? Thank and best regards.
Gianfranco from Italy
That's really something we'll add in next version, but it's not possible to do it at this time.
thank for very importanta find a solution for that
Auch ich würde begrüßen, wenn folgende Optionen frei wählbar wären:
1: 5 Bilder in jeder Reihe
2: Bilder-Dateinamen-Zählung nicht mit "00" beginnen, sondern mit "01". Begründung: Editieren der indexNN.html-Dateien für Veränderung der Bildunterschriften.
3: Kopfleiste entfallen lassen, um Platz zu sparen (innerhalb anderer Webseiten)
4: Mehrsprachigkeit der Bildüberschrift, zum Beispiel in deutsch: "Bilderfolge: 2013-02-14 Winterbilder; Bild 12 von 36" Oder: "Bildergalerie 2013-04-22 Frühling; 7 / 44"
5: Bildüberschriften linksbündig oder zentriert.

Sind solche Parameter realisierbar? Zu welchem Preis? Wann?

In my lousy school-English (its nearly 50 years ago that I leaved school!):
Even I would be very glad for getting some additional options:
1: Pictures in 5 columns but not 4 in every row.
2: Numbering of image-file-name beginning with "01" instead of "00": There is no beginning with zero, first is "1" every time and at every place of the world. Editing "indexNN.html" would be easier if picture number "7 /44" would be found in file "index07.html"
3: I would like to not have a headline (saving space on a webside!).
4: Could we get a possibility to edit the line on top of the images? Please see examples above!
5: Top lines left or centered?

Could it be able to get these options? What price? When?

Happy greetings from
Guten Tag,

Give me a little time to figure this and give you a reply this week-end.
Dear GreG! Many thanks for your answer!
For files "IndexNN.html" I would rather like to get the picture-Number into page-Titel:
<title>NAME OF GALLERY NN</title>

And other part of source code for design of the Gallery within my homepage
would be:
<p>Bilderfolge: <a href="../index.html">NAME OF GALLERY</a>  ( <strong>"N1"</strong>
von "N2" ) <a href="index"N1-1".html"><img src="arrow-left.gif" alt="Previous" class="left"
width="46" height="65"></a>
<a href="index"N1+1".html"><img src="arrow-right.gif" alt="Next"
class="right" width="46" height="65"></a>
<a href="index.html#thumb"N1""><img src="img"N1".jpg"
alt class="deco" width="800" height="600" align="middle" border="1"></a>
I would like to show you "my" gallery, a little modified for my homepage. I want to not waste place on screen but have large pictures, no empty line etc.

Many thanks für your great program, best greetings fom Kirchberg (Church-Hill) near Kassel, center place of Germany. Markwart Lindenthal.

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