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Namexif - Can't Rename Some Photos

Please see attached google drive.

I am trying to rename some photos, and took an example of each: a photo that CAN be renamed and a photo that CANT, for whatever reason.

Both Photo A and Photo B are jpg, and both have a "Date" as can be seen on the "Before" screenshot, corresponding to when the photo was taken. However, Photo B doesn't have a "Date Taken".

When I try to rename using Namexif, only Photo A gets renamed (see "After" screenshot), and I get an error for Photo B.

However there obviously is some kind of date taken data on the photo, since Windows Explorer shows this under "Date".

Any ideas on whats going on? Thank you.

For security reasons I've disabled your link.
Please email your samples as separate jpg files to contact dot digicamsoft (gmail com).

Hey thanks for your reply, I sent you an email

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