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Going to a Folder
Simplicity is best, and that is what is great about "Namexif." There is one area that might improved. If one wants to work on a large number of Files or Folders then each time one has to work their way through any number of Drives or Folders. Now having a program to copy the path of a Folder or Drive helps, but it would be very helpful at the very least to have the ability to "cut and paste" information in the bottom dialog box. Being able to select a particular Folder with out having to "drill down" from a Root directory would be a plus. This should not move the program out of the simplicity area and might make it a lot better.
Agreed! That'd be very nice. Or, if the wizard simply remembered the last folder used, and start from there next time, that'd help too.
I quite agree with you. But look at my Posting in January 2008. Obviously it is not so easy, but I'm sure, they can realise it. Keep at it

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