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Namexif wins through
I just came back from holiday with my wife. We were using 2 cameras. After editing and deleting some duplicated shots, we wanted the pics in one folder for slideshow viewing on a laptop from CD or plasma TV memory card.

I selected the EXIF shoot date/time field and 8 character Hex. Some shots were re-ordered manually by creating a hexcode higher than the preceding picture, but lower than the following picture.

I was a little confused by the directory tab and what it mean't. Before running Namexif I'd copied my edited pics to another directory, somehow I thought Namexif should be making renamed copies from a source directory and putting the result in a new directory. Glad I did what I did, because it would have renamed my originals, perhaps an idiot warning window might stop this happening. The manual re-ordering of a dozen shots was a little tedious. It would have been nice to drag and drop these pics on a thumbnail time-line along with the others and have them renamed with an intermediate name tag.
Hi Voxmagna,

Renaming with 8 characters Hex is very uncommon.
It's nice to make sure names will fit on 8 characters, which help for some reader devices like DVD players.

I agree a warning could be added when selecting a folder to rename its content. I'm just thinking also that an undo could be provided.

Manual re-ordering is something we can add too. Right now, PhotosReViewer could have help you doing that, but the workflow is more complex since it's not a dedicated tool like Namexif. Best will be to include manual re-ordering within Namexif.

Thanks for your feedback

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