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Namexif: Great tool
This is a great tool. I mostly use it to get shots from different cameras from different people in the right time sequence. The Shift Time by function is then very helpfull as well.

What would make this tool really perfect is a preview function and ideally an undo function.

Maybe something for a next version?

Thanks and regards,
Thanks for this feedback, yes the shift function is very useful for this kind of use.
Preview and Undo: as a bypass you can always copy to a temporary folder and apply Namexif there only. Now, this is something to consider anyway.
Thanks for your suggestion. I certainly use that workaround after I screwed up a directory of a thousand or more photos from three different cameras and had to start all over again :-/
Definitely a good reason for an Undo.
I agree on an UNDO. Or maybe stop after 5 changes and ask IS THIS WHAT YOU EXPECTED? then continue or not. That would be a good feature even if UNDO takes longer to program.

Forcing all name changes to a separate Folder would take care of Screw ups too. In these days of cheap HD space , it should not be a problem for users. If it turned out well just delete old and rename old to new. Taa Daa...

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