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Suggestions for Namexif 1.6
First of all: GREAT SOFTWARE!!!!!!

I found this after I paid for Picrename from reynoldtech and I can say this one runs smoother!

Still I use both softwares because PicRename have some Functions that IŽd love to see in Namexif:
1. Secuential options for renaming:
a) Date taken (exif tag)
b) Date originally created (exif tag)
c) Date created (file)
d) Date modified (file)

Picrename makes you chose from one of the above four and you can chose that if any of those fail use "date modified" for rename.

My take would be to rename using either exif tag and if that fails use the "date modified" from the file

This is useful renaming video files which is my second suggestion

Include video files in the renaming process

That is all picrename has over namexif, they dont have tehe subfolder option and I like better the format namexif gives to the files

thanks again


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