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The Size Optimum
Which is the optimum size that oyu recomend in order to put photos in an album. I can see that in medium size the photos are in 640x480 baut not all the photos are resizing equal.

Thank in advance

Sergio Cruzat
Hi Sergio,

Medium is a good size in my opinion.
Small is good if you want to protect your photos from being copied. Because the small resolution is so low, printing them would be very ugly.
Now, between large and medium, it depends of the template you use and the people watching.
For example, if I use the classic template and I add captions to photos, then I prefer a medium resolution so there's still room for the caption to display without having to scroll. If I don't add captions, then I can go for the large resolution.
Also, if I make an album for some friends I know they have a "small" screens, then I will put medium instead of large. At the opposite, for other friends I know they have "large" screens, then I go for large.
If you don't know, medium is the best choice in my opinion.
Hope it helps!

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