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the faq needs to be expanded for ease of use. i am getting broken links. where should the photos be to avoid this? In the same directory as the app project? How do you see what is uploaded online? I have uploaded an album, it is ok, but opening it on my hard drive I get
** Access Error: Cannot open /C/Documents and Settings/Ron/My Documents/httphotos/patterns/
** Near: patterns: read httphotos-paths/path-patterns-folder
offpat: 255x22
** Press enter to quit...
How to fix this?
Dissapointed with lack of BASIC instructions to help less technical users. I would NOT consider purchase of this product until the developers make use methods clear.
Broken links happen when the path to your photos has changed. HTTPhotos only stores path to your photos. So if your photos were on c:\pix and you save a photo album, then if later you move or rename pix, for example c:\pix2 then all links are broken. This can be fixed quite easily if you know where your photos are. To do so, you can edit the .htt file and replace all pix by pix2 for example.
Got your point regarding the FAQ section and we'll work on it.
Thanks for your feedback, they are greatly appreciated.
Greg, keep it simple like you have it. People are beginning to want this feature and that feature. Stay the course.

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