Digital Camera Software
very good your program, it's really a good idea to name the files regarding the exif information... but did you think about using another exif fields, or even combined fields? for me it would be very interesting to name the files with the speed and aperture values (or other mail exif fields) like


Most people like this tool because it's very easy to use, but it doesn't allow doing everything possible.
However, we'll provide an advanced mode so users can do anything they like. This will be available later.
I agree
There are some other programs (even some of them are also free ware) that can do this kind of features if you need them.

The best of Namefix is that it renames always with the same date pattern, (something that I was looking for)and it's very easy to use.

Itīs perfect to merge pictures from different people (in holidays, for instance)in the correct time sequence (If all people has reminded to fix the data and time of there cameras, of course)
Yes, it's a great use case. Also, I'm planning to add a functionality to shift time (by plus/minus X seconds or hours, ...).
So, even if people didn't set their digital cameras on same time, it will be possible to get the right chronology.

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