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Changing order renaming
Thanx for this little usefull program

I have two questions

Can You change the orde of renaming
Now I set Date/Time - Original Name and/or add Name
Can you change those last two
So I can rename the file als follows

Original Name = Picture 001.jpg

New name could be..

2008-01-25-17h32m31 - Picture 001.jpg

and not ( this is now )
2008-01-25-17h32m31Picture 001.jpg - .jpg

So i can put my own characters/name between the date&time and the original name...

And with adding the original name at the end of the file the extention of my original picture .jpg should not be shown in the new name
Hello HaeMKa,

You make a reasonable request.
This is going to be addressed in our "advanced" mode, in next version.

Thanks for your feedback!

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