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Why only .Jpg Fle Format
As you knw, pctures come i may file formats; .jpg, .png, .gif, .tiff. When I add my directory theprogram tlls methat i is only able to find photos (.Jpg) out of the 489 in the folder. Amost all of the others re .png. Why can if only find .jpg photos?
Not sure whether you speak about Namexif or HTTPhotos.

Namexif needs EXIF data to rename pictures, .png or .gif don't carry any EXIF data hence it filters out those kind of format.

HTTPhotos could read all kind of picture format but for now it's only .jpg. We'll support more format later, including RAW.

I am also having problem since the desired format cannot always be found. So is there any way to get new method to upload photos irrespective of its extension.
hi ya let me know how to add gif support in lightbox in HTTPhotos ty

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