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Renaming freezes
It's good software, but sometimes it freezes while renaming, it says "Please wait, work in progress... and it freezes, only way out is Ctrl-Alt-Del. Am I doing something wrong?
First time I hear about this issue, I will investigate on it.
You don't do anything wrong, it should not freeze.
I also get this when remaning a lot of files at once

I am on windows vista and using Namexif 1.5

Below is a screen shot as you can see the CPU is in use and the memory just keep going up

If I end the task and reopen Namexif and process the folder again everything works fine.

This is a great piece of software I just wanted to give you some feedback



Thanks for your report, it's very clear.
The fact that running it a second time works puzzles me.
I'm afraid I won't be able to fix something there, but I will check anyway.

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