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Hello All,
I am a new member from Massachusetts, USA. I enjoy photography and look to add some photos here...but please let me know how I can do that. I have this member account setup, but am not sure what your procedures are for uploading photos.
When I use the software, where will I upload it too?

In fact, there're are two modes:
- offline
- connected (requires an account)

When you select Publish To Web tab, there's a User Account section showing in which state you are and that's also the place where you can enter your login and password.

If you are offline, web albums are created on your local hard drive, in My Document/httphotos folder.

Now, if you are connected, web albums will be uploaded to

To avoid confusion, the big button label changes: when you are offline, it says: write to local drive, while when you are connected. it says: Upload

Finally, albums you previously created while offline won't automatically transfer online. You need to load your album project (.htt files) and click Upload button.

Let us know your progress!

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