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HTTPhotos; settings
Although a marvellous piece of free software, I find it somewhat wanting in three areas:

1. It renames the image files. For most people this isn't an issue, for some it is. Myself included.

2. I would very much like to be able to adapt the width of the thumbnail rows when needed. Three to four thumbnails in a row is somewhat scarce on most screens - from what I understand that such a setting isn't available.

3. The images. Ah the images. Presented in so many different ways but always in the same size. I would kill for a setting to change the size of the image displayed - well, hopefully not kill but i would at least ask for one

And all griping aside; thanks for a nice piece of software.

Thanks a lot for those feedback, below are some good news:

1. In a next version, it is planed not to rename image files except in case of conflicts.

2. For the classic template, adjusting the rows is also something to be done in next release.

3. Size of images: you can already adjust the size: small, medium and large. Next version will also include a custom size.

Always good to hear from users, and a pop-up will warn you when a next version is ready.

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