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NAMEXIF: for the next version
Already exchanged emails on this but recording here so not forgotten.

The procedure when detecting duplicate timed files is to add -1 -2 -3 to filename but this does not result in good Windows Explorer sort as -1 comes before original filename.

Suggest: duplicates are filenamea filenameb filenamec etc as this will sort corectly.
Forgot to add NAMEXIF is brilliant since I got 2 cameras and needed "date/time taken" sort. Well done.
Thanks for the record Alan!
I'm planning to make a Namexif update in about a month

As I was looking at this more closely, I found that it sorts correctly in my Windows Explorer.
Please check at this screenshot:

Make sure your list is refreshed (press F5).
Please let me know if you have different results.
Yes Greg I do get different results, and if knew how to upload a screen shot I would show you. Looks like you're running something later than XP sp3 which I am on, if that makes any difference.

I would still like the changes I asked for to be made as I have no immediate plans to upgrade XP as it does all I need (like the other 32% still running XP)
I still have a Windows XP machine, I will test on it as well and will let you know. As you know Microsoft has stopped XP support this last April 8th but it is for sure one of the best Windows version.

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