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NameExif 1.5 and sequential files
Hi Greg!

Thank you for such a great product. You mentioned in a previous post the 'Advanced' mode which should cover most of my questions it seems. I'd like to ask about sequential shots. I take a ton of sequential pictures and yours is the first product that handles them with grace!! My question is are there plans to be able to use a different 'pattern' for sequential images instead of the dash? Some post-processing programs order them backwards (don't ask me why??)and I manually go modify the names to 'XXX_1', 'XXX_1a', 'XXX_1b'. Regardless of this, you have a great product and I really appreciate your hard work on this!!!
Hi Trevlar,

Thanks for the nice comment.
For your enquiry, I will take it into account.
So, answer is YES: there are plans for a different pattern.

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