Digital Camera Software
Vista & NameExif 1.4

First of all; this program is the best I found for renaming pictures, thanks for this wonderful program!

Just a heads up on the use in Vista, if you start it from a created short cut than the following error shows up:
** Script Error: Out of range or past end
** Where: build-tree
** Near: any [slash <> last b/2 remove back tail b/2]
** Press enter to quit...

Again plenty of workarounds for its great functionality, just a comment to make it better!

HAve agreat 2008!
Hi xinco!

Thanks a lot for your support!

Your post looks very similar to the previous one here:

I don't know what's going on and I haven't been able to reproduce myself... but I will definetely investigate it to make it better!
Hi xinco,

Have vista (ultimate) installed and it works over short cut. Have left the security tick box "Always ask before open..." but am not sure, if this makes the difference.



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