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suggestions for Namexif
I'm a new user of Namexif and I was so pleased with it of course I donated. Thank you for a great product. Having used the software for a few days I have a suggestion for some "options". If these were available I would be happy to buy version 2.

I'm going back through old files so perhaps you will under stand where I am coming from.

1) You only know the photograph is tagged with the wrong date after the software has run. Seeing a preview of the selected dates would be great, especially if you had the option to change it for that batch. All the photographs taken in 2009 are tagged 2005 probably because the date in the camera was wrong
2) Having a batch rename function where date is not necessarily used but a prefix with sequential numbers following would be fantastic (like you do for burst shooting).

Anyway thanks for a great product which I can happily use from now on.

Kind regards

Ralph Birch
Hi Ralph,
Thanks a lot for your donation, this is always very appreciated.
Your suggestions are understood, I hope I'll be able to provide a Namexif update soon.
Evening GreG,

It's a real pleasure to have received your swift response. I look forward to the update. Take care, Ralph

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