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Red cross on images in gallery
the Off11-Sep-2013/19:44:42+2:00

I have used horizontal gallery template to create a gallery for my web site. My gallery name is Ahju. The gallery works fine on desktop. When I uploaded the gallery to my website, the gallery displays red crosses instead of images.

Could you help me to resolve the issue?

Earlier I have successfully used the Clssic Template.

Thanks & regards,
the Off

I just checked and I don't have red crosses but nothing.
Your pictures ranges from img00.jpg to img80.jpg
If you check at:
or any other number, pictures appear to be blank. There is an issue with the pictures, all pictures are corrupted.
Please generate again. When uploading data to website, make sure you set binary transfer and not ASCII.
the Off12-Sep-2013/9:24:02+2:00

Thanks for an apt and a prompt solution!

My gallery Ahju can be played online.


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