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Time Offset
Is it possible to add an offset to the date? That would be great when merging photos from two different cameras. I currently have again photos from 5 different cameras, with up to 6 hours difference. Well, it might have been easy to think on synchronizing the time before the event, but now the damage is done...
Welcome Anthea,

It's not possible to offset the date with Namexif right now, but such a capability is planned for next release.
When will this release with "offset" be coming GreG? I requested it quite a long time ago ny email, even before you started this forum.. I don't mean to demand anything from you as I understand you have other duties and this is freeware. But I really like your software and I've been using it for years! There are no exif renamers out there that even come close! That's why it would be soo nice to finally get this last functionality to this otherwise perfect application. As it is now I use your software and then another filerename application to fix any offset but its quite timecomsuming.
Anyways, just wondering if, and when, an update with time offset might be available?

Keep up the good work and thx for a great software!!
Really glad you like this piece of software!
Most of our efforts go into httphotos for now, but I will probably make a little break to add this time offset feature.
Let's say, by September 2008, so I have 5 weeks ahead to fit it in our schedule!
Cool! I'll make a note in my calendar!
So, how's that update going?
well come
No update needed, just arithmetic.

I needed to offset by 1 month and 12 hours
= 31 * 24 + 12 = +756:00:00

Worked like a charm!

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